Log and Replay


IxoraRMS can record to a file all performance data collected during a monitoring session. This data can later be replayed in offline mode (without a connection to agents or Host Managers) for further analysis.

Logging can be enabled at any point during a monitoring session by clicking the "Turn on/off data logging for the current session" push button on the toolbar or by selecting Actions > Turn On/Off Logging... menu item. Incoming data then starts being recorded in the selected log file.

To stop logging press again on the same push button.


To replay a logged session click the "Load Log" tool bar button and select the log file. A dialog opens as in the figure bellow that prompts you to adjust the time interval to replay.

You can have even more control over the speed of the replay operation by adjusting the aggregation interval. The aggregation interval is specified in seconds; all samples collected during this interval will be averaged into one value. Increasing this value can speed up considerably the replay of large log files, although at the expense of some detail.

Please note that some information (for intstance log file records) will never be aggregated no matter what the settings for the log replay.

After loading a log file, the Console's user interface will change slightly to show the log playback controls.

  1. Starts/restarts the playing of the logged data
  2. Pauses the playing of the logged data
  3. Resets the playing of the logged data
  4. This control is enabled only when the data being replayed is not aggregated; it controls the speed at which log records are replayed

In log playback mode the session tree is still available but with the following restrictions:

  • Hosts and agents cannot be edited.
  • Only counters and entities which were enabled during recording are shown.

It is important to note that replaying a log does not limit your ability to plot different counters or to define custom views. All counters that were enabled during recording are now available for plotting, regardless of whether they were plotted during the original monitoring session or not.

For log replay it is often useful to increase the buffer size for charts - for instance if your log files spans 5 hours, set the buffer size for charts to 5 or 6 hours and use an aggregation interval of 10, 20 minutes. This will give a good view of what happened during the period covered in the log file. To change the buffer size for charts go to Configuration > Settings > Charts and set the Data buffer size parameter to the desired value.