This custom agents can connect to applications that support the JSR160 specification. The agent retrieves all the JMX data available.

To install a JMX JSR 160 agent: Navigate to "Tools" - "Agent Installer" - "Install" - "Custom Agent Installation" - "Agent Template JMX JSR 160" which installs an agent which has the follwing configuration data available:

  • Username: optional user name to use
  • Password: optional password to use
  • Root folder: optional path used by the relative Classpath entries below.
  • Classpath: optional list of jars required, the path is relative to the Root folder above.
  • Extra properties: optional list of properties provided as comma separated entries of the form name=value (eg. prop1=val1,prop2=val2...)
  • Connection string: the JSR160 connection string required to establish the JMX connection