Web Application/URL Monitor

This agent is used to monitor web applications using POST or GET http requests.

Local/Remote Modes

Because of the nature of its work, the agent should only be deployed in local mode.

Supported Versions

The agent can monitor any URL/Web application using GET or POST http requests.


The following parameters are available for configuration:

  • URL: The url to monitor
  • HTTP method: the type of http request to use: GET or POST
  • HTTP request parameters: a user defined list of parameters for the http request


The agent will populate the following values:

  • Response time: Ping response time in milliseconds
  • Response size (bytes): The number of bytes in the server response
  • Response content: The content of the server response
  • Response status code: The http response status code

The agent will use an 'User-Agent' http parameter equal to 'IxoraRMS' in order to allow the user to filter out any accesses from the web server's log file originating from the monitoring tool.