Service Availability

This agent will monitor availability of a network or local TCP/IP service, by sending custom data to a configured port and waiting for a response. The most common use of this agent is to monitor web applications by sending a GET request.

Local/Remote Modes

The agent supports both local and remote modes.

Supported Versions

Service monitoring can be used for any TCP/IP service of any application.


The following parameters are available for configuration:

  • Port: the TCP/IP port to monitor.
  • Data: the agent will open a connection on the above port and send this data as a request.
  • Read timeout: number of milliseconds to wait for a response before considering the service as unavailable. Note: setting this to 0 will cause the agent to not expect a reply.


The agent will populate the following values:

  • Response time: Time it takes to send data to service and get the full reply
  • Misses: The number of times the service did not respond to requests
  • Time to connect: The time it takes to set up a connection to the service
  • Time to write: The time it takes to send all data to the service
  • Bytes in reply: The nubmer of bytes in reply from service
  • Service reply: Actual data received from service.