Provider Host

This agent does not perform any work by itself, but it serves as host for custom monitoring data providers.

Local/Remote Modes

The agent supports both local and remote modes.


This agent is used as a base when you install a new custom agent. Depending on the template selected, the following configurations are available:

For the SQL template:

  • Username: used when logging in to the database system
  • Password: used when logging in to the database system
  • Database: name of the database to connect to
  • Port: if needed, the port number of the database server.
  • JDBCDriverClass: if needed, the name of the JDBC driver class.
  • Classpath: if needed, the classpath to the JDBC driver jar.

For the Java template and for the Process template a set of generic parameters are provided. The meaning of each one can vary for different providers.

Please see "Monitoring Custom Data" for details on how to access these parameters from the provider.


Will contain the set of entities and counters returned by providers.