Allows browsing data exposed by servers through the LDAP protocol.

Local/Remote Modes

The agent supports both local and remote modes.

Supported Versions

There is no need to specify a version for this LDAP agent.


The following configuration options are available:

  • Login DN: The root point to bind to the server. You can leave this field empty to connect to the server RootDSE.
  • Password: If required, password to access the LDAP server
  • LDAP Port: TCP/IP port used to connect to the destination LDAP server; usually there are two standard ports used by an LDAP server to listen to: 389 for regular connections and 639 for secured connections.
  • Base DN: Retrieve LDAP tree starting with this node.
  • Filter: Filter used to retrieve LDAP entries.
  • Timeout: Time to wait (in milliseconds) for the LDAP server before giving up.


The contents of the tree are not fixed, but are determined by the data returned from the server. Note that in the current version the agent does not return data for operational attributes.