This agent returns performance metrics for a JBoss application server.

Local/Remote Modes

The agent supports both local and remote modes. A requirement is that JBoss or the client libraries must be installed on the machine where the agent is deployed.

Supported Versions

The agent supports JBoss versions 4.x


The following configuration options are available:

  • Username: user name to use when connecting to JBoss
  • Password: password to use when connecting to JBoss
  • JBoss home directory: path to the location where JBoss is installed.
  • Classpath to JBoss client libraries: contains a list of all jars required for monitoring JBoss, the path is relative to the JBoss home directory (above).
  • Server URL: the URL used to connect to JBoss
  • JNDI name: the JNDI name used to connect to JBoss


All data available from JBoss via JMX is accessible; the runtime data is not structured but a dashboard is provided that contains the most useful data views.