Allows monitoring of IBM DB2 database systems.

Local/Remote Modes

The agent supports both local and remote modes. When running in local mode it requires at least that a DB2 client is installed and the database(s) registered in its catalog.

Supported Versions

This version of the agent supports DB2 8.1 and DB2 8.2.


The following parameters can be configured. If some of the 'collect' flags are not set some counters may not return any data, but the overhead on the system will be reduced.

  • Instance: DB2 instance to attach to. Note that this is the name of the instance as catalogued on the client.
  • Database: if set, will only return data for this database. Leave blank to return global system data. Note that the database name must be as catalogued on the client (the alias). When you catalogue the database you must set the alias to the name of the database on the remote host.
  • Username: DB2 username to use when attaching to instance
  • Password: DB2 password to use when attaching to instance
  • Collect UOW information: include unit-of-work details in returned data. .
  • Collect SQL statements information: include details for SQL statements.
  • Collect table information: include table details in returned data.
  • Collect buffer pool information: return information about bufferpools.
  • Collect locks information: return information about object locks.
  • Collect sorts information: include sort statistics.
  • Collect time information: include time information in returned data.
  • Aggregate data from all nodes: only valid for distributed systems - data returned is aggregated across all nodes. If not set, only data for current node will be returned.


Note that this agent will only returne data if at least one connection has been made to the database since it was started. Data returned by this agent mirrors the information returned by DB2 GET SNAPSHOT commands. The 'collect' flags will directly operate on DB2's monitor switches. When these flags are turned off, some of the resulted entities and counters will not be displayed, or will have null values.

The information returned by this agent includes:

  • Server and database information.
  • Bufferpool statistics.
  • Dynamic SQL statement information.
  • Table operations, such as sorts, reads and writes.
  • Tablespaces and containers.
  • Application information, agents and connections.